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Pipelines Alberta United, A Nation Divided

April 16, 2018: Fort Chipewyan elder Alice Rigney says that most elders in the community don't want a pipeline and that they weren't adequately consulted after Chief Allan Adam said that he and other leaders of the Athabasca Tribal Council want to study the possibility of owning a pipeline, taking "a step that's going to be out of the ordinary." "I'm a firm believer that if you own something you're going to look after [it]," he added. For Alice Rigney, an Athabascan Chipewyan First Nation elder, the news was a surprise."

Rebel Media Stage's 2nd. Alberta Leg. Rally

April 14, 2018: Rebel Media Ezra Levant hosted his second rally in 2 years protesting the Trudeau and Notley Government on the steps of the Alberta Legislature with pro-pipelines, anti-carbon tax and climate change denial as thier main speaking points.  No Alberta MLAs or federal politicians were featured at this rally like Ezra's first protest rally at the Leg. where politicians from both provincial and federal opposition parties spoke. This time Ezra invited ordinary working Canadians to come to his podium that included a farmer, entrepreneur, labourer from B.C. and former veteran who now works in the oil industry. Climate denial was a theme that was repeated several times by guest speakers, Ezra Levant and Alberta Rebel corespondent Sheila Gunn Reid. At one point of today's rally Sheila had the crowd chanting "Lock Her Up" referring to the premier of Alberta the Honorable Rachel Notley. Ezra had two body guards dressed in black suits, ties and dark sunglasses flank him at all times while Sheila freely worked the crowds with her camera interviewing  guest speakers and protesters randomly. NDP Rod Loyola's name came up during Sheila's address to the crowd as did Rachel Notley's former adviser Tzepoah Berman whose name has come up many times from the official UCP opposition during question periods. Ezra Levant during his Edmonton 2015 emergency town hall meeting said the NDP Notley Government caucus was made up of Rod Loyola's. Citizen Free News YouTube: Ezra Levant's 2015 Emergency Town hall Meeting - Edmonton 

Since the spring of the 2018 Alberta Legislature assembly members of the NDP Notley Government has accused members of the official opposition of being conspiracy theorists and climate deniers as I noted from the public gallery inside the Alberta Legislature. UCP Leader Jason Kenney was quoted responding to Rachel Notley during one of those question period sessions with "We are not climate deniers, we are carbon tax deniers." 

Doug Brinkman is the 
Pressman in the (public) gallery 

April 14, 2018, YouTube: Oil, pipelines trickle effect for jobs, prosperity in Canada. Filmed during Ezra Levant's rally at the Alberta Legislature.  Citizen Free News

April 12, 2018 Alberta Legislature rally for Kinder Morgan pipelines Features speeches and interviews by NDP Deron Bilous, Alberta Party Stephen Mandel, Independent Derek Fildebrandt, UCP Leela Sharon Aheer and UCP official part leader Jason Kenney. Citizen Free News

April 14, 2018 The Masked Man Who Disrupted The Kinder Morgan Rally. Includes Citizen Free News Archives of another pro-pipeline rally 2016 at the Alberta Legislature. Citizen Free News

March 10, 2018: First Speakers Corner that asks the question: 'Pipelines: For, Against and Why?' began during an anti-pipeline rally in front of the Alberta Legislature steps. Picture of me with the organizer Mads Zazulak before today's anti-pipeline protest 'Protect the Inlet in Edmonton' in front of the Alberta Legislature. Most of the 20 people in attendance were against the pipelines while 3 including myself were for increased capacity flow along side the current trans-mountain pipelines. We had a peaceful round circle of sharing ideas, frustration, anger and solutions. Some were later shared on a YouTube called 'Speakers Corner' Afterwards we had smudge ceremony, drumming, we shook hands and hugged. It was a great rally organized Ms Zazulak. Citizen Free News

Citizen Free News 
Pipeline Archives 2013 - 2018
Water and Oil is Life - Not Violence

September 11, 2016: Women's Warrior Song 
Anti Pipeline Rally Alberta Legislature

This is another Citizen Free News, Civil Information Action 
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Points of order made in a house of disorder

Notes from the Alberta Legislature public gallery

Sketch study of The Honourable Speaker Robert Wanner

Points of Order made in a house of disorder

YouTube features The Honourable Speaker Robert Wanner promising Albertans during his first speech to the throne that our Alberta Legislature would not be used for a place of theatre but a forum of democracy.  

Points of order: There is not a week that passes by inside the Alberta Legislature where time cosuming points of order are not brought up by the official oppostion United Conservative Party of Alberta. Rude and disruptive comments such as "ARE YOU DUMB" "ARE YOU STUPID" "DID YOU COME PREPARED?" are normal behaviors that  the Speaker of the Legislature is allowing for from his own Government turing our Alberta Legislature assembly into a theater and not a forum of democracy. 

One member of the NDP heckled UCP leader Jason Kenney while he had the floor calling him an immigrant from Saskatchewan. All points of order were denied and overruled by the NDP Speaker Robert Wanner because as he claims he did not hear such language used by the accusing members. He could not hear anything because other non UCP members in the assembly were busy pounding their desks, screaming, laughing and hollering like school yard children at play during recess while the UCP opposition sat quietly during question period.

The news media is not reporting to Albertans about the loss of control inside the Alberta Legislature assembly because during most of the day during Legislature business hours no news media are seen seated in the 20 empty seats of the press gallery with the exception of one or two during opening question period. One  female reporter who has been at times been spotted in the press gallery has also been observed by the public gallery of flirting  with certain MLA members. I don't entirely blame the Honorable Speaker Robert Wanner and there are days where he has run the assembly smoothly. He could employ some help on those out of control days from the his Sargent of Arms whose job it is to keep order in the assembly. But even the Sargent of Arms remains unfazed by the circus atmosphere surrounding the room that rightfully belongs to all Albertans. I have observed the Sargent of arms like the majority of the members in the assembly scrolling his cell phone or surfing the internet during a times when the assembly is in progress. The open forum of democracy that the Speaker Robert Wanner had promised Albertans during his first speech to the throne in 2015 has turned into a theatre of drama and comedy. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

SPEAKERS CORNER - Caribou and Jobs

Global Edmonton March 26, 2018: A caribou researcher says Alberta’s decision to suspend portions of its draft plan to help the threatened animals recover is the first major test of the federal Species at Risk Act. Canadian Press

March Pressman in the Alberta Legislature Gallery

Sketch study of a sign that says "Read Fanon" in the snow at #Ableg left behind by a co-founder #IdleNoMore 'For a colonized people the most essential value, because the most concrete, is first and foremost the land: the land which will bring them bread and, above all, dignity.'

During question period Monday and Tuesday, Premier Rachel Notley slammed the official Opposition MLAs as climate change deniers. United Conservative Party Leader Jason Kenney’s response: “We’re not climate deniers, we’re climate tax deniers.” 
Kenney’s comeback is a great quip. 

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Press pass Alberta Legislature Press gallery - Denied

Mr. Brinkman: We are unable to accept your request to join the Alberta Legislature press gallery. As per our constitution, membership in the gallery is retstricted to those journalists whose principal occupation is reporting, interpreting, editing or analyzing Alberta legislature or provincial government news on a continuing basis who require the use of gallery facilities to fulfil their functions. The legislature is open to members of the public and media. 
Dean Bennett, Canadian Press

Response to Mr. Bennett: I don't recognize the authority of your constitution, never seeing a copy, never signing or agreeing to such a document but I do recognize the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms that guarantee's everybody's right to freedom of the press and media. 
Doug Brinkman, Citizen Free News Since 2007

March 22, 2018, Joe Ceci's Budget Day 
Public gallery by invitation only and reserved for the overflow of the press. I stayed home and watched Joe's speech on-line.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Who's the new guy in the Alberta Legislature?

Who's the new guy in the Alberta Legislature and what did he say?

Jason Kenney's first question period in the Alberta leg. Monday was a tame affair. CBC: Mar. 12, 2018

Pressman'sLog: Honing my creative skills, building confidence drawing the Honourable leader of the opposition Jason Kenney, in the cramped, confined corner of the Legislature's public gallery, feet away from a completely empty press gallery. Too bad CBC did not hang around long enough to hear Jason's first speech full of grave concerns and consequences to Alberta and the rest of Canada's economy if Trudeau and our Notley Government can't get pipelines built and Alberta oil products to tidewater.

Pressman News, March, 1St. Edition Hard-Copy

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